3 Reasons Why 3PL Can Be a Bad Idea

3 Reasons Why 3PL Can Be a Bad Idea

Running a successful business is a desire of any entrepreneur. By success, it means having happy customers who keep on coming for more services. Also, it is a product of providing quality services. For this to happen, timely deliveries must be a pillar in your equation. No customer will enjoy your services if they have to wait forever before their orders arrive. Remember, your delivery and shipping affairs are the building blocks to your customer relations.

Timely deliveries translate to happy customers. Such customers will remain loyal to you and recommend you to their peers. Considering a 3PL provider can play a central role in this equation. The company provides you with professional services. Also, it is a good way of saving costs. However, at some times, a third-party logistics provider can be a bad idea. Here are the top reasons why:

They limit your control of the delivery process

No argument. Offering timely delivery is your duty. If you promise your customers they will receive their item in three days; you must ensure you fulfill it. You must keep your words to your customers every second. Regardless of whether you use a third party or deliver the items yourself, your customers want to receive the items as agreed. However, involving the 3PL provider affects your control of the delivery process. You do not have the power to eliminate or deal with any dispatch delays. Also, the customers will blame you for such events and not the third party. Hence, if you want total control of your delivery process, you should refrain from opting for this option.

Inefficient for small order

While the third-party logistics services are a good idea, they can be a cost consumer. Using this service provider help you to avoid warehousing and other storage costs. You only need get what you want at the moment. However, this is not always the case. Using these service providers can be a costly affair. Particularly, when you havea few items to deliver, it can be a cost-consuming task. So, if you are having small orders or serving local buyers, it would be advisable to take up the delivery role yourself.

Hinders your customer contact

Interacting with your customers is an essential aspect. This affair helps you to understand their feelings and get an idea of what they want beyond the current services. Delivering their items can offer you a one-on-one encounter with your customers. However, using a 3PL  provider bars you from such opportunities which hurts your business.